How to be Successful in Mr. Hodnett's AP Biology Class

1. Read the entire chapter even though they may seem extremely long take the time, it will be worth it in the end because when you review the next day in class you'll actually know what Mr. Hodnett is talking about.

2. Get together with your friends and make study guides and break sections off for each of you to do, then share answers and have them explain why it is right. It also might help if you stay after for help if you need it, I never did and it's because I was too lazy, DON'T BE LAZY! Hodnett is a great teacher and he will work with you until you understand it all. He isn't a bad teacher at all, the class is just VERY challenging.

3. Make sure you get a good night's sleep after reading the whole chapter, that way you'll be able to stay up when Mr. Hodnett is talking about the things you already learned about. The Class is way more interesting when you pitch into the conversation and connect the topic to real life.

4. Actually do the homework! It may not be worth many points, but turns out it actually helps you understand the material. And come test day it's incredibly beneficial.

5.) Use the masteringbio website and create a student account! The activities and videos will help you better understand the chapter. VI.) Even though you're having to read a chapter a day and it may take up to 4hours to read a chapter, even if you're not going even look at the chapter, see what it's mainly about and look up some videos on You Tube and DON'T PROCRASTINATE... i hated staying up till 4am finishing up labs or packets..

6. Just do your work and pay attention. It is so easy to get lost in this class because of how fast the material is presented to you. It never hurts to stay after school for help, and the chapters in this web page should help you also.

7. Don't push the reading guides aside, thinking that they're worthless and unhelpful! Ask Mr. Hodnett questions, do your work, and try not to fall asleep. Also, if you're having a tough time understanding something, it doesn't hurt to look it up online.

8. All of the above! Do not be lazy, do not procrastinate, ask Mr. and Hodnett questions. Read the chapters and do the study guides. I was incredibly lazy and it hurt my grade. It also would not hurt to study. There are some great websites online that will help you study for AP Biology. Remember that its not just your class but there are many other students around who are taking AP Biology and have to learn the same material at the same fast pace as you. Go to different websites that help you study such as flashcards (click on the link) or games (click on link). Use the resources around you, you might be surprised on how much you are able to learn.

9. Try to understand the material presented, don't simply just memorize all of the terms. While knowing what each complicated word means helps, it is more important to understand how things function or how they're connected. You may only get a few questions right if you memorize every vocab word, however, if you understand the bigger concepts behind the words, then there's a greater chance you can get a question right, or even guess the right answer. Make sure you stay on top of your work though, and don't fall behind, because it's a pain in the behind to play catch up over an entire unit. Also, it's possible to pass without reading EVERY SINGLE CHAPTER. There are plenty of online resources that are more easily read and concise than the AP textbook, so make sure you use them when you don't feel like reading. That doesn't mean it's a better substitute, just an option if you don't have time to read. Don't be afraid of all the information. While there is a lot, when put in simpler terms, is fairly easy to understand. Look up pictures, because visualizing cellular respiration is a lot easier than reading about it. Just try your hardest and ASK FOR HELP. Also, try to be on time to class.

10. Do not be awake at 11:58pm on a Sunday night trying to finish a project you had a week to do.

11. Hard to understand, but really: Take breaks. When your eyes cannot help but blur and words on a page become fuzzy blobs and you spend ten minutes rereading a single passage, trying to find some meaning in these columns and rows of blahblahblah, it is important to recognize that the best thing to do is give it a rest. You will retain next to none of this knowledge, if you don't literally fall asleep at some point. So, take a break, eat a banana, listen to this song, and then get back to work, fresh and renewed with vigor to learn!