AP Biology Web Resource Project

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The goal of this assignment is to create a web page (or two) to help this year's and next year's AP students be successful in this class.

Each student will be responsible for one (or maybe two) chapter(s) of the textbook (assigned or approved by the teacher).

Students will create the following:
  • a chapter summary, covering the objectives of the chapter
  • a list of vocabulary words and their definitions and an example of the word used in context of the chapter
  • important and relevant diagrams / images with a figure head describing the image
  • animations / video clips covering the material from the chapter (with a description of each animation)
  • on-line lessons about the chapter (with a review of the lesson)
  • on-line tests or quizzes that cover the chapter material and test prep material
  • examples of news stories that discuss content from the chapter
  • other web sites that maybe relevant

Please reference all of your work and give credit to the people that created any of the work you use.

Students will also add their thoughts and advice on the "How to be Successful in Mr. Hodnett's AP Biology Class" page.

Please set up your page in the above order, for example:

Chapter Summary



Animations and Videos

On-line lessons

Tests or Quizzes

News Stories

Other relevant Web Sites